Monday, September 15, 2008

Pick n' Brew @ 1 Utama, Ramadhan Buffet

Last Friday, a bunch of us met up at Pick n' Brew at 1 Utama for Ramadhan Buffet dinner. Present were of course Jackson himself (see his photos HERE), Precious Pea, FBB, Jason (who arrived an hour later!) and we had fun eating and catching up with each other. We heard a bit of food tales from Jackson, travel tales from Precious Pea who had just return from a short holiday in Australia. We also heard some flowery tales from FBB (hahahaha....), whilst we just heard a few words from Jason as he was the usual quiet self :p.

As Precious Pea and I were the first two to arrive, we went around taking photos of the food. Seeing that there were too many food items to cover, she and I agreed to cover different items and link our post to each other. Well, her post is already up and I realise that she took photos of most of the items and I covered a lot lesser! Oops! Anyway, check out her post HERE with a whole lot more photos! I have linked FBB's and Jason's post here since they got their post out by now.

Part of the buffet spread; the area for salads, soup and desserts (local kuih, cakes and cookies)

Apple & Barley Salad
There were several varieties of salad but the one that caught my eye was the Apple & Barley salad. Nice and different, found it rather refreshing.

Hot Dishes
Hot Dishes (clockwise from 12 o'clock) : Lamb Rendang, Seafood Rice, Beef Cutlets, Chicken Rotisserie, Sotong with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Roast Vegetables

To accompany the feast, they also have side dishes like salted eggs, salted fish, tempeh and more...

Beef Kerabu
Beef Kerabu


Do try the Gado-gado (vegetable salad) as the peanut gravy is nice and the ingredients are freshly prepared.

Just behind this counter, one can also order Laksa Johor (which I forgot to take a photo of!) and get other goodies like these...

Grilled Squid
These Grilled Squid were really good. Fresh and cooked just right, it had the right amount of herbs and seasoning to make this a flavourful treat!

Vegetables Fritters
Another hit with me were the Vegetable Fritters. Again the batter had just the right amount of salt and was the right size as a delicious vegetable snack.

Ikan Bakar Grilled Fish
Of course, eventhough I'm not a fan of fish I found these Ikan Bakar which were nicely prepared and wrapped in banana leaves quite enticing!

Nasi Ulam
I enjoyed the Nasi Ulam as the grains are separate, I don't enjoy eating soft and sticky mushy rice :o). The herbs and vegetables in this Nasi Ulam were lovely. By the way, this is the plate where the patrons scoop from, this is not MY plate of nasi ulam. LOL!

Roti Jala
While I might be able to resist some of the food there, resistance was futile against these yellow yummy beauties that seemed to call out to me! Hahaha....The Roti Jala (a local version of crepe with holes like a net, hence Jala which means net in Malay) was nicely done too but the curry gravy wasn't spicy enough for me.

Kuih Ketayap

Cucur Badak
I opted for my two favourites, the Kuih Ketayap (Dadar) and Cucur Badak over the other cakes. The skin for the Kuih Ketayap was soft and thin while the coconut filling had just the right level of sweetness for me to have several of these. Lovely! As for the Cucur Badak, the filling was not too bad but I found the dough slightly more chewy than it should be.The bunch of us were full and there were several other main, side and dessert items that I couldn't try. Wanna try your hand at making Cucur Badak? Rasa Malaysia shows you how!

Fruits & Marshmallows Choc Dip
There's also Fruits and Marshmallows Choc Dip for those who want a healthier (only a bit healthier, hahaha...) dessert.

Well, the food spread at Pick n' Brew is rather different from the usual Ramadhan buffet at such restaurants. At RM38+ for adults and RM18+ for children, Pick n Brew's Ramadhan Buffet promo started on 8 September and will run till 30 September every evening from 6.30pm-10pm. Dishes vary from day to day. The spread is a mix of local, fusion and Western quality dishes which are nicely presented. Coupled with the nice ambiance of the restaurant, we enjoyed our dinner here that night.

Pick n' Brew
F233, First Floor Promenade
1 Utama Shopping Centre
(the end nearest to One World Hotel)

For reservations : 03-7726 0102



Anonymous said...

hello, thanks for posting this! i was looking for reviews on PnB ramadhan buffet. yours came to the rescue! thinking of trying out this place. it all sounds good! thanks again!

HairyBerry said...

haha, just came from precious pea's blog!

i thought u dun eat sashimi only. ikan bakar oso tak makan ar? hehehe...

i like that barley salad shot the most! ;D

chenboon said...

Happy Belated Mooncake Festival...

What a mouth watering post... I can't wait to try it out... Thanks for sharing...

Precious Pea said...

You know what? I found out that I didn't try at least 1/3 of the food!

wmw said...

Anonymous : Glad to have "rescued" you :o). Enjoy!

Nic : Eh, I do eat ikan bakar...but will end up smothering it to death with lots of sambal! I like that shot too :o), thanks!

chenboon : Thank you! Yes, do try. Selamat Berbuka Puasa :o).

Precious P : Me too...a lot of other things I didn't try.

Jackson : Hahaha...Another "you know what" moment? First Precious P, then you. Aiks, I wanna eat mee rojak!!!

choi yen said...

My favorite roti jala ~~~ *drooling*

fatboybakes said...

you know what? i dunno how i coulda missed that entire nasi ulam section. where the heck was it? unless the mound had already disappeared by the time i arrived.

Babe_KL said...

gosh all your pics always make me drools for more :p

wmw said...

mimid3vils:'s a crowd pleaser, eh?

FBB : Another you know what? Hahaha...As you can see from my last's in the background, the mountain had been reduced to a hill but it's there! When you arrived, the mountain was still intact. You were there taking photos and all and you even took food from that area, do you have tunnel vision? :p

babe_kl : Try it out :o)

jasmine said...

very reasonable for such a fine spread. alas, am rarely in BU area... will see if I have the luck to try.

gorgeous pics btw.

Anonymous said...

grrr so hungry looking at ur pic!

Anonymous said...

Why all "you know what"? Can I have "they know what"? haha!

The nasi ulam caught my tall!

Jun said...

i wudn't mind have THAT plate of nasi ulam all to myself *hehe*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah 3rd set of PnB pics d..every1 tryin to compete for best pictures?

MochaSourcream said...

Wow wee... your photos r really nice wei...

wmw said...

Jasmine : Thanks! What about the other outlet in Glenmarie? Nearer?

KBCG : Two of you got go and eat or not?

Kok : Hahaha...Yah, I was the first to "destroy" the mountain!

Jun : Sure or not? What about the rest of the wonderful food? :p

Joe : Compete? No ah... Not the first time floggers have posted on same dining experience.

sc said...

i read pea's post and she mentioned you like a certain fried veg snack that she didnt take pic of..and so i popped over to have a look.. food looks yummy :)

fatboybakes said...

ahhh, that makes sense. i am sure it was already in that rubbled heap when i got there, coz there is NO WAY i could have missed such a mountain....but yeah, maybe i have tunnel vision la, not everyone is blessed with such far sightedness as you mah, can see things normal flers cant see hor.....BUWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Beachlover said...

oh mind !! your posting of makan pix make me drooling!! .I like the buka puasa I learn something new too.Barley salad!

wmw said...

mochasourcream : Thank you, thank you. The food also nice mah.

sc: Yeah, go try the food out.

FBB : But that's still a pretty big plate to miss! Hahaha...I'm sure it won't be that amusing when I see the abnormal things around us. :p Would you want to know?

Beachlover : Glad that you learnt something new :o)

wonda said...

Interesting post with all the nice colourful shots! Have you tried Khadijah Ibrahim's restaurant, Khadijah's Kitchen? Curious about it.

Simon Seow said...

Go makan didn't call me, -_-

Christina Kim said...

Wow, that was one whole lot of fine helpings there at the buffet yea:)
Jackson previously posted on this as well~
Oooo...the apple and barley salad was appetizing! I love barley; I remembered it was pretty popular to be cooked in salad style over there in Europe:D

Rasa Malaysia said...

The Cucur Badak doesn't look like cucur badak lah. The skin too thick. ;)

tigerfish said...

You made me so hungry!

wmw said...

Wonda : I have heard of it but haven't tried.

Simon : Uhhh... :{ Sorry...not me asking leh...

christy : This was my first timed coming about barley in salads :o)

Rasa : Yah, it's a bit too chewy...can be improved!

tigerfish : always, you can always cook something in no time to eat :o)

Unknown said...

after looking at the photos, i am hungry!!


wmw said...

keropok man : You coming to KL/PJ to eat??? :o)

Unknown said...

have not been to KL/PJ for so so long. When I am there, I will let you know. hehe..