Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lim Kee, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL


Sometime in 2008, both Precious Pea and Teckiee who stayed near me initially moved further away. I felt a tinge of sadness (cue music from the violin! Hahaha...) as my days for "sudden" (read : ad hoc) food adventures came to an end. But of late, my grey clouds have been lifted and such adventures are back with Jason moving up to Petaling Jaya and staying a stone's throw away from me!

So, it was one weekend when we decided to take a drive to an unfamiliar territory and try out this place that Jason had read about. He told me that the place didn't have a signboard but is known as Lim Kee. I forgot to ask how that name came about! It was rather ad hoc and I didn't bring my camera and had to borrow Jason's (we actually took turns to take photos with the same camera-I think this is something only food bloggers would understand!) to take these set of pics.

Lim Kee
Located at a shack behind Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) building, I didn't really know what to expect but was briefed by Jason they were well known for dishing out yummy stuff. When I saw the crowd and saw what they were eating, I knew we were going to have a good meal.

Lim Kee
We arrived there during peak dinner time. Our orders were promptly taken though and we just followed whatever Penny, the lady boss/staff (we never ascertain who she was) recommended. We wanted to try this and that and that and this and I think we ended up ordering more than enough for the two of us :p

High Flames
The cook busy at work - a very busy kitchen area. Check out the cook's Japanese slippers ;o)

Fried Sweet Potato Noodles
First up - Sweet Potato noodles. I expected it to be the dry version like the one in Hua Xing, Sg. Way. It was fried the usual Hokkien style with prawns, meat and vegetables. I love the added topping of the crispy fried lard. The noodle on its own didn't taste as fragrant as Hua Xing's version though, a bit too wet for my liking.

Fried Glass Noodles with Bittergourd
Next was the Fried Glass Noodles with bitter gourd -I actually thought the bitter gourd would be stir fried together with the noodles and hadn't noticed when I took this photo that it was actually served on the side. You can see the bitter gourd at the other end of the plate ;p. This glass noodles was nice and not oily (the bits of crispy fried lard do not count!). It definitely fared better than their sweet potato noodles.

Pork Ribs
This was the special for that weekend. A special East meets West Pork dish. It has a fruity tasting sauce that complimented the tender pork. We both loved it - ate it all up and left the plate almost squeaky clean (I drank the gravy up!). It seems they have different specials on different weekends. So, if you're looking to try this out, do note that you may not get to on certain weekends. Call ahead and find out the specials if you want to know.

Fried Abacus Seeds
When I heard they had Fried Abacus Seeds, I could not possibly pass up on it. Again, both Jason and I loved the taste. The minced meat and dried prawn bits combined made this flour mixture of yam & tapioca a delight to eat. It's cooked in a different way as the one from the stall in Nam Chuan, Bangsar but both have their good merits.

Lim Kee's Work Station
Eating here was an enjoyable experience and in a surrounding not often seen nowadays. I've been back to this place and will continue to do so as the prices are reasonable and most food items are yummy! Unless you are one of those who can't bring yourself to eat in a shack (read : quite particular about hygiene), you'll find yourself making a visit here, if not often but still occasionally just like me.

Others who have gone into the shack :


Lim Kee Fried Noodles
Shack behind FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) Building
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Tel : 03-7981 1972
Opens from 6 pm-12 am
Close on alternate Mondays

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
~ Oprah Winfrey


New Kid on the Blog said...

Eeee... I see lots of lards leh!!!

Precious Pea said...

Wow! That's a lot of food for two person isn't it? So, i see you found someone to replace me and Teckiee! Haahahaha.

sc said...

oh, i remember eating here years back..the fried tung fun with dried shrimps was very good! at that time, it's also popular for yam with pork intestine (which i dont eat), wonder if they still serve that?

J2Kfm said...

yeah! there's another behind a Chinese school on Old Klang Road/Kuchai Lama Rd as well I think.

also serving those potato noodles and abacus seeds.

worldwindows said...

I like noodles apart from those usual ones. Adventurous and simple menu. I esp would like the glass noodles with bitter gourd!

Anonymous said...

You know what they say, with friends that leave, there will be those who arrive in our lives.

Glad you have Jason around! :)

Anonymous said...

i have heard of this place many times too! but haven't gone looking for it. but the sight of the abacus beads has had me drooling... time to go looking!

Jason said...

We should do this again but at another place. How about this Saturday? :D

minchow said...

Love the setup of this place - what's more atmospheric than slippered chefs, musical pots and those cute wooden pegs for orders/bills? And all that pork and lard certainly doesn't hurt either!

Beachlover said...

oh!1 as usual your makan posting make me miss home! Happy New year to you:)

Anonymous said...

Why all the food bloggers stay in PJ or KL one lol. I am the only loner at SK sigh. So nice to have a makan buddy~

Tummythoz said...

Ipoh Mali moved there?! Wah really the 'in' place huh.
Been to the shack before but not too impressed. Due to the crowd, usually have to do creative parking.

Anonymous said...

sid brought me here b4.still rmb how good is the abacus seed. oi i stay nearby too! never call me :p

wmw said...

NKOTB : Is that a squeal of delight or horror??? Hahaha...

Precious P : Heheh..all small portions :p

SC : Me no eat intestines! Time to revisit?

J2kfm : I think there are several serving the same stuff around this area.

worldwindows : Yes....give it a try!

LFB : Ah yes....glad indeed!

Jasmine : Yes do go...maybe we can arrange to go together? :o)

Jason : Hmmm...not sure yet. Ad hoc! Hahaha...

choi yen said...

Those dishes sure have a lot of "wok hei" :)

fatboybakes said...

gorgeous food pics as usual... groan, very hungry now.
happy new year.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

now that i realise my new place is like a 5-10 mins drive from kuchai lama...time for me to explore here!

teckiee said...

OMG! Fried Abacus Seeds! and looks damn good man...enough wok hei...

And...aiyah...move far...but i'm still here ;p

wmw said...

550ml jar of faith : Yes...that's what makes it all an enjoyable experience.

Beachlover : You coming back with little Mishu???

vkeong : Teckiee is kinda in SK. There got makan kaki!

Tummythoz : All times it also comes down to the people you're eating with that makes it enjoyable ;o) Come, waiting for you to relocate!

KBCG : I forget at times, sorry. Okay, will input into my head now for future adventures :o)

mimid3vils : They sure do! Yum!

FBB : Thanks...give it a try. See yah next Saturday!

Joe : Hope you like your adventures in this area.

Teckiee : Hehehe...seelah, you not around :p

backStreetGluttons said...

How can the pix Queen forgit her big small lenses ? But then again with a borrowed camera ( got borrow other parts or not? )you can still catch the Chinapek shooting high flames , the mark of a visual culinary connoisseur and so it must have felt good

wonda said...

Thanks for dropping by at the right time! Haha! My blog is already closed.
We'll keep in touch through email. I will always treasure your kindness of coming to meet up wit me, the time we spent together and sending me back all the way to my friend's house. I'll continue to nurture our friendship
God bless you abundantly, my dear friend!

tigerfish said...

Counting the money ah, with the calculator. Business must be good!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

wah all look sooo b-lard-dy delicious!

~Christine~Leng said...

can't get these here.. wanna go home! ;(

wmw said...

BSG : Ah..yes! There are days where I leave home without my camera! ;p

Wonda : Thanks for dropping by...keep in touch. Take care...

tigerfish : Yes, business is good here!

Cokeworld Citizen : Also helps to eat with great company :o)

Christine : Soon...soon you'll be!

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh one of our favourite place beside the sg way one! lol!

pohpiahs said...

Hi there! Thanks to your blog, my friends and I are going to hunt down this place and have a *fingers crossed* good good meal!

Nice blog going on here!

wmw said...

BBO : Sorry, only saw the comment now. Seems to have know where they are now?

Pohpiahs : I was told they shifted to a new location...try calling. I myself looking for the new location. If you find it, do come back and leave a message to let me know where it is. Thanks!