Friday, March 27, 2009

Izakaya Ichiban, Hartamas Shopping Centre

was first introduced to Izakaya Ichiban when Precious Pea and Masak-Masak brought me here and tried to induct me into the Japanese Food Kawan Association (as far as I know at present, number of members is still in the one digit range and has not grown since 3rd Quarter of 2007! Hahaha....errr, we are a rather exclusive club).

They failed to get me to try sashimi but still accorded me the membership after getting the greenlight from Lyrical Lemongrass, the President - letting me handle the Cooked Food Division (CFD). Since then, I've been back here quite a number of times and yes still only eating cooked food.


Deep fried long beans
Spiced deep fried long beans - a rather tasty snack. I forgot the name of this dish.

Dragon Maki
Dragon Maki (RM22/USD6) - This the both of them got me to try, and I must say it's a tasty roll. Prawn tempura rolled up, topped with avocado and unagi and drizzled with a bit of sweet sauce.

Wagyu Beef Don
This is an all time favourite of mine, the Wagyu Beef Don (RM28/USD7.70). Tender slices of wagyu beef on warm steamed rice. And how should one eat this? Zealously and selfishly! Hahaha...The juicy taste of the tender beef just fills the mouth, sending positive protons (I don't mean our national car) all over! With enough buzz to keep one smiling for the next few hours :o)

Lamb dish ?
This was Masak-Masak's order. I recall this as lamb but it could be beef...I only remembered this being mediocre to me when I tried a bite.

Sashimi Set
Sashimi Platter (RM25/USD7) that comes with the works - rice, miso soup, chawan mushi, salad and fruits. Don't ask me how it was! :p

The pics for this post are more than a year old (taken by my trusty Panasonic Lumix then) but Izakaya Ichiban has become a place I go to whenever I'm looking for a quite and cozy place to dine each time I'm in this area. It's like the place I would go to whenever I need to clear my mind and reboot myself! :o) - which explains why I never took anymore pics whenever I visited this place. It's just pure enjoyment to me; I soak the entire experience up :o). Though at times, I wish I could have the place all to myself (and friends) when it's crowded. Izakaya style restaurants are very common in Japan and these are casual restaurants, laid back in nature to me. At times, it's not only about how good the food is that matters but how the place can make one feel - so comfortable and at home. Nothing could be better than having and sharing your meals with your friends; not only meals that warms one tummy but an overall experience that warms the heart as well. That's Izakaya Ichiban for me.

Drop by Izakaya Ichiban and feel the warmth too and if you're there in April, they are running a Temaki Sushi (hand roll) promotion - 3 selected hand rolls at a special price of RM13 (normally RM27). Check it out...

Izakay Ichiban
(Walk out towards the open area, between Starbucks and TGI Friday's, it's two doors away from Starbucks on your left)
Lot P, 3-M Plaza Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-6201 5905

(NOTE : Received notice on 18 December 2010) that they are now operating at Lot LG36)

Mon - Sat
12 noon - 3 pm
6 pm - 11 pm

Sun & Public Holidays
12 noon - 3.30 pm
5.30 pm - 10.30 pm

One man's sushi is another man's bait - Anonymous


UnkaLeong said...

Tell me about it. I have been trying to get into the club since 2007 :P Was recently introduced to the makan places available at Hartamas. Yes, yes...I have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, having never known that the area is teeming with what seems to be good makan spots ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, u dont eat take shashimi..?! Hmm, that's ok, the cooked food all looks good, n as you said, the overall dining experience was great! So, who cares...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, old favourites....thanks for the memories.....

worldwindows said...

The Wagyu with Japanese steaming rice must be heavenly....

foodbin said...

the dragon maki is my fave-visually so tempting.

ai wei said...

Jap food!!!!!! it has been a long long long time i hav not visited to a jap restaurant...

jap food are always tempting!

Anonymous said...

I feel so jakun, not heard of this place before... Time to try it out with the Devil in tow :D

Thanks for the reccie!

wmw said...

Unka : Not too bad this place...Desa Sri Hartamas too.

Simple Girl : Yes, only cooked meat for me :o)

Lyrical Lemongrass : You're most welcomed.

WorldWindows : Yes it is...especially that first bite!

Foodbin : Good taste you have there :o)

ai wei : How's your exam??? When over, go makan Jap food lo.

minchow said...

This sort of feast is firmly in the running for claiming the crown of ultimate comfort food. To think, we used to be happy with just chicken soup or french fries to revitalise! I feel better already just looking at that dragon maki and sashimi platter.

Keiichi said...

Um,they look tasty, but I would like to eat Malaysian food when I visit Malaysia!
Have a nice day!

My Asian Kitchen said...

wow!! the food look so delicious!! and the price is so cheap compare here especially the Dragon maki!! make me drooling:P

Big Boys Oven said...

hey babe! those are lovely japanese food taken by your old camera! shall we dine japanese food soon? :)

Big Boys Oven said...

hey babe! those are lovely japanese food taken by your old camera! shall we dine japanese food soon? :)

wmw said...

550ml jar of faith : We should live in Japan ... but then maybe it wouldn't have the same effect on us then hor?

Marukatsu : Come to Malaysia then, you have been here before, us food bloggers will bring you around :o)

Beachlover : Cheap in your currency? Hehehe...

BBO : Ah, good ol' Jap food... ;o)

Rasa Malaysia said...

MW, do they serve yakitori? The thing about izakaya is that, that's a must, I think. Anyway, I guess I just love yakitori very much. Heh.

HairyBerry said...

i've heard good things about this place! but have not tried before.

oh, i hope am still a member of the jfka club. hmmm, i forgot which post already though...technical chief or something liddat...hehe

wmw said...

LFB : Hope you and the Devil will like the place!

RM : They do but I have not tried look at the next post that is already up about Kushi Q.

Nic : I would think your membership has been approved by now and is still valid! Hahaha...