Monday, June 01, 2009

Attending 1st Food Blogger Wedding, KL Hilton

Over this Saturday weekend, a group of us food bloggers a.k.a. floggers attended our very first food blogger wedding held in KL Hilton. Lighting was rather dim...with romance in the air for the lovely couple and romance with the food for us floggers (but that meant some food shots turning out blur for me, hahaha...).

Cute Magnets For The Guests
Cute magnets of various colours were placed on the table for the guests

Check Out The Menu
Check out the menu!

Tastiest Food Of The Night - Scallops
I found this to be the tastiest dish of that night - Fresh (raw?) scallops with light cream dressing, topped with pistachios and mango bits. Absolutely delicious!

Slicing Up The Fish
Since us floggers needed to take photos of the food, we told the service staff that we would serve ourselves but this was the only dish which we let the staff tend to - slicing up and serving up the seabass (after we were done taking pics of the whole fish pre-sliced, of course!)

Cozy ambience
Cozy ambiance - 5 tables, small crowd, big on moments!

Drinks, Lotsa Drinks!
We had lotsa drinks on our table!

Floggers' Polaroid
As the couple went round the tables for the customary toast, we took a Polaroid shot for the scrapbook they were putting together on-the-spot.

Signing Scrapbook
The scrapbook was then passed around and each of the floggers (so did all the other guests) took turns to sign it, with some of us penning down wise words and some not so wise words! Hahaha....

Amidst all that was going on, the bride still took the time to get me some Stroopwafels after she had read my post that declared my love for these sweet babies! Thanks a lot! xxooxx...

Food, Food, Food, Food
Of course, there were more food to come...starting from Top Left (clockwise) :
Stir Fried Hong Kong Nai Pak topped with Wai San Herbs and Chinese Wolfberries
Fragrant Fried Rice with Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf
Chilled Sweetened Sea Coconut with Longan in Lemon Syrup
Oven Baked Golden Buns - with Lotus Paste filling

Flogger Bloopers
And if you have ever wondered...yes, us floggers have bloopers too! Look at this shot taken, right when someone made an attempt to grab a bun (or two)., this was done in jest :o)

Floggers' Wishes
Here's the completed page signed by us floggers - we all had a great time. It was a wonderful experience for us; with moments of tenderness, laughter and camaraderie amidst a lovely cozy ambience and good food.

Congrats once again to You & You...
Come back to Malaysia once in awhile to meet up with us and eat the food that you have been missing out on, you hear??? Live and eat happily ever after! Best wishes,


New Kid on the Blog said...

Wow!!!! It's an honor to attend such event.

J2Kfm said...

how cool ... just hopped over to teckiee's FB and viewed the dazzling photos. :)

congrats to her ... though she probably has no idea who this small potato is. =P

Timothy Low said...

Food Blogger Wedding. Didn't know that she was getting married. Btw, nice shots ...

Rebecca Saw said...

good food, great company and a happy event! great Sat nite!

Sugar Bean said...

It must be a very enjoyable event, it would be really happy to attend someone's wedding, would be really happy for them. :)

Polaroid shots are so convenient!

Ciki said...

excellent shots! love weddings i tell ya:D

Simon Seow said...

Who's next?

Kenny Mah said...

A lovely wedding by any standards, more so when surrounded by food bloggers, some of the jolliest folks in town. :)

And that scrapbook page looks so cool!

sc said...

lovely pictures :) saw u guys had good fun (pics in FB :p).. congrats to the lovely couple!

fatboybakes said...

gorgeous pics wmw! nice to meet up again hor, after so long. like a sandias reunion!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

It was a lovely evening. Felt like a reunion of good friends. Such beautiful memories. :-)

wmw said...

NKOTB : A date to remember!

J2kfm : You big potato leh! Hahaha...

Timothy : Thanks....I wonder if there's more!

thenomadGourmand : Yes, twas was a great Sat nite!

Sugar Bean : Yes, love the Polaroids!

Cumi&Ciki : Hey, that's what I wrote on the scrapbook "I love weddings!"...

Simon Seow : Yours??? :o)

LFB : Yes, a nite of lovely moments.

SC : Well, we do always enjoy ourselves when we get together. You'll see this Saturday...hahaha...

FBB : Yes it was! Great moments!

Lyrical L : "Once upon a time, there was a tavern...where we used to raise a glass or two..." Hahaha...

jason said...

Your pix are stunning as ever! ^^
It was a great evening with all the laughters and camwhoring!

wmw said...

Jason : Thanks bro!

LianneK said...

MWM .. hahaha WMW, thanks heaps for the wonderful write up and photos, you made me missed it already! if only can get married more than once hor. Am also glad that you enjoyed the Stroopwaffle and oh btw, hubby´s name is actually Jürgen in passport but when the Ü is not available, than it becomes Juergen loh. Haha .. I know, confusing hor.

To J2Kfm, aiya .. I know you lah of course, I read your blog too but I am famous for not dropping comment one. Hehehe. Thanks fr your wishes :-) and the rest too.