Friday, October 09, 2009

Ipoh Food Frenzy In 4.5 Hours, Hong Kee & Funny Mountain - Part 5 (Final)

At last, the final part to my Ipoh Food Frenzy trip recently....

After dropping Motormouth off, we drove along Jalan Queen - looking out for a stall under a tree! We looked forward to trying Hong Kee Mua Chee and also their Peanut Paste dessert.

Roadside Stall
We were glad that we managed to spot it and wasted no time in placing our order.

Peanut Paste Dessert
Peanut Paste Dessert - The paste was smooth, light and fragrant. I could taste the real peanut blend and at RM1.50/bowl, this was something we relished. Best was that the sweetness was spot on! We were really quite full by now but we could not leave here without trying the Mua Chee (doughy glutinous rice flour).

Hand Made Mua Chee
At Hong Kee, the Mua Chee is literally "hand made"! Using only his right hand, the stall owner pinches the dough from a clay pot ...
Hand made Mua Chee
He then coats the Mua Chee, piece by piece in a tray of groundnut mixture of pounded peanuts, sesame seeds & sugar.

Mua Chee
We had wondered if we could finish the plate (RM1.50/small plate) since we were full. However, on trying the first piece, I found it so delicious and exciting to the palate! So much so, I didn't feel full and I could have probably finished the plate of mua chee on my own if it was not for the fact that I have to leave some for bro and Spare Change. I told Spare Change that he won't have a problem finishing it as it's nice and not surprising, he ate up every single piece and we both looked like we could still have more! Hahaha....The dough was chewy and firm, I enjoyed chomping on it and the groundnut mix was great. Unless you're one who likes chunky peanut, the rather fine ground peanut mix only meant that each piece of the dough was covered fully, making each bite a flavourful one! Great stuff!

Hong Kee Mah Chee
550A, Jalan Queen
Pasir Pinji
31050 Ipoh, Perak

Tel : 05-321 2620

And finally, out last (7th) stop in Ipoh before we head back to Kuala Lumpur....

Funny Mountain
I've been to Funny Mountain for the Tau Foo Fah (Soya Bean Curd) each time I'm here...however, this time we arrived too late and it was sold out :o(

Queue at Funny Mountain
Not funny to find out that there's no Tau Foo Fah!

Drink stall
So, we settled for the next best thing - Soya Bean drink & Soya Bean mixed with Grass Jelly...

Soya Bean & Soya Bean with Grass Jelly
It was just as thirst quenching good anyway....

Funny Mountain
49 Jalan Theatre
Ipoh, Perak

With that, we bade farewell to Ipoh and headed back to Kuala Lumpur. There you have it, 7 stops in 4.5 hours! Talk about "eating your heart" out! :o) Friday's here again ! Yay...Have a Great Weekend!


ai wei said...

Noted... next time must visit to HongKee. we managed to have the tau foo fah! the super soft sliky smooth one. slurp!~

ilene said...

Gee, how do you all manage to stuff all those goodies down within that few hours?!! Amazing!

There's a stall in Klang that sells wonderful mua chi too. Only opens in the night though.

jason said...

The guide book serves you well eh? :)

More new places to eat in Ipoh on your next trip!

Meng said...

I visited Ipoh last year. My friend took me to the tau foo fah place after driving around. We drank some soy milk since the tau foo fah was sold out. It was good. The peanut dessert looks delicious.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...


~Christine~Leng said...

we missed the hong kee mua chee! but we manage to have the smooth tau foo fah. Really could melt one's heart. yum..

SimpleJenn said...

NExt time u try Uncle Looi's mua chee, lagi syok!

wmw said...

Ai Wei : You all must have taken the ones that we could have had! Hahaha...

Ilene : Actually, apart from the 1st meal...the rest were like snacks and desserts, some we tah pau leh.

Jason : Must run through that book again! Thanks!

Meng : One of the best tau foo fah I've eaten!

Joe : Hahah ... that and good planning!

Christine : Like I said to Ai Wei, you all took our bowls! Hehehe...

SimpleJenn : And where is Uncle Looi's???

Rebecca Saw said...

ohhh! I love mua chee..kinda hard to get in KL ?

wmw said...

thenomadGourmand : Kinda haven't found yet I suppose?

J2Kfm said...

hahah ...NOT farny indeed. can see spare change's gloomy expression.

so when's the next one?
let's go for some dim sum this time. EARLY.

wmw said...

J2Kfm :Yup, you okay or not...wake up early? :o)