Monday, November 16, 2009

O'Briens Delivery Service - Officially Launched!

I was invited to attend the official launch of O'Briens Delivery Service a couple of weeks back at The Curve outlet where I also met up with several other bloggers. I had called Simon along as he was one of the few (or the only one!) I know who is free on certain weekdays. We were the first few to arrive and later met up with TheNomadGourmand, Coco and Wilson and we sat together with the media folks.

O'Briens @ The Curve

Can you spot Simon?

From Top Left : Mr Hugh Hoyes-Cock, CEO of O'Briens Sandwich Cafe - Asia Pacific, Mr Eoin Duggan; First Secretary of the Irish Embassy and Mr Brian Pua, Master Franchise of O'Briens Malaysia and also the Operations & Business Development Director. All 3 addressed the invited guests with a short and simple speech before the ribbon cutting ceremony...

It's Official!
It's Official!

O'Briens Happy Family
Latest addition to O'Briens Happy Family - spanking new O'Briens delivery motorbikes

Freshest Ingredients
The action in the kitchen starts with the freshest ingredients ever, all of which are sourced locally and certified Halal.

Sandwich Line
Sandwich production line ... *drools* ...

...and out comes O'Briens assorted deli delights. Time to sample some of the many varieties of sandwiches and wrappos.

More Sandwiches

Healthy Houmous Wrappo

Chicken Sausage sandwich

Chicken slice, cheese and tuna sandwich

Chicken Crisp & Egg Sandwich
This is my fave & usual order - Chicken Crisp, Lettuce & Tomato (RM9.80) with additional Egg (+RM3.30). The Chicken Crisp is really so flavourful and the ensemble with the added egg makes this variety tops in my list. In my opinion, this delicious sandwich puts the "O" in O'Briens! :o)

All set to go ...
Call 1300-30-3000 from 9am - 9pm for freshly-made deli dishes delivered to your doorstep. We can now enjoy a hearty and healthy meal even at home or at work! O'Briens outlets are currently delivering within the Klang Valley area and cover the surrounding areas of each location.

To start you off, pick up O'Briens delivery leaflets from the outlets and enjoy the several promotional offers (like Buy 1, Get 1 Free Sandwich for one!). You can also download the menu from the Malaysia's section on


J said...

So cute - That Mr Duggan guy looks so so amused with the ribbons that he cut... :)

ciki said...

erm, in the past I only had so-so experiences with the sandwics here.. maybe it's better now? (hope not just for the launch:P)

Meng Keat said...

did u get free or discount vouchers? Remember me if u have.

wmw said...

J : Hahaha...he's cute!

Ciki : Well, I really love the chicken crisp with egg! That's what I usually order.

Kusahi Keat : Hey thereQ! Long time no hear/see! :o)

Kenny Mah said...

Best news I heard all month... I'm trying to eat healthier now and this is a godsend! Devil thinks only their triple decker is nice (and it is nice) but I'm more than willing to prove him wrong by trying out the rest of their menu... hehe.

wmw said...

LFB: Good for you...go get it while promo is still valid. Get the leaflets with the vouchers at the outlets first.

superduperwilson said...

Im hungry now. I loved the sandwiches

Simon Seow said...

I had O'Brien's again last Saturday. They sponsored the Digi Yellow Army Graduation party. Met Brian again there too.