Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brekkie @ Raju's, Off Jalan Gasing Petaling Jaya

Raju Restaurant has always been one of my favourite places to go to for breakfast and even the occasional tea time break. I guess I'm just taken in by the fact that I get to eat out in the open and under the big trees, love the ambiance here (folks from Ipoh might be able to relate better to the feel as to one having Yong Liew under the Big Tree Foot (Dai Shu Geok). Well, there are other worthy reasons too .... (even if the food are priced higher than others).

Raju Restoran

Great Scott! It's a giant Thosai!!!! Wait a minute....it's a smiling giant Thosai. It's a friendly giant Thosai and it's welcoming us to eat its friends (with the welcome sign strategically placed.... Hahaha). Actually, I always had this funny thought. I never fully comprehend why certain establishments/eateries would want to choose such things as their mascots e.g. Remember KFC had Superchook? Superchook sold out on its own kind and encourage humans to eat chicken! Hahaha....Hmmm....what other famous mascots sold out its own kind? At least A&W has a cute jolly bear and McDonald's has Ronald.

Raju's also a great place to bring your friends who are visiting from out of town/country! The staff here is really quite use to having their photos taken and some would even volunteer to pose for you and are ever ready to show off their skills in front of the camera.

Easy Peasy!

See the big smile? I wondered what I had said to him. Looks like he was trying to "give me five" while making this roti bawang. Just love the imprint of his hand on the dough in this shot!

Production line

A whole lotta going on ...
Multi stalls are set up during weekends to deal with the customers who come in droves. So you will have 3 stalls; one each for plain roti canai, thosai and roti canai with extra ingredients.

Thosai In The Making

Thosai in the making ....

Banana leaves ready to roll out!

Banana leaves all ready to roll out ... (pun intended)
Food here are served on banana leaves. Come prepared with your own tissue/paper kitchen towel...I usually give them a wipe to dry them after the staff sets the table with one of these for each customer. At times, the leaves are rinsed but not dried. Some folks wipe them simply for hygiene purposes. I have always tried to come here during non peak hours as service is much better and the staff is more attentive. For peak hours, come here with your morning papers and switch on your happy mode while you wait...else you will be exasperated by the lack of service. I usually take matters in my own hands and grab my utensils and condiments... :p

Curry & Other Sorts of Condiments

Speaking of condiments...my fave is the one with onions and chilli sambal (in the foreground). It's all HOT, rather bland but definitely has the lovely whiff of onions. Hot stuff ... definitely pleases spicy food lovers.

Roti Bawang

My usual order of Roti Bawang extra crispy (without the egg). I like the Roti Bawang/Roti Canai here as it's crispy and light, with minimal oil....

Deep Fried Sotong (Squid)

While you're here, get yourself a plate of Deep Fried Sotong (Squid)
Squid and onions lightly battered and deep fried till dark golden brown. More oil here definitely....but Oh.So.Good! Coupled with a nice hot glass of Teh Tarik ... Bliss!

Marinated Meats

All sorts of marinated meat are available but I've never really had any of these. Something extra for those who are looking for seafood/variety on the side. I have always been contented with my usual breakfast order...If I come here in the later part of the afternoon, I will order the karipap (curry puffs) as they are great tasting snacks too.

Raju's Rules

Raju's Rules ... I wonder if it was because of certain customers who had hurled obscenities at them when they didn't provide proper service, hence 'Mind Your Language'.

Ahhh....I'm gonna turn in for the night now and I think I'm gonna head to Raju's for breakfast!

To eat well in England, you should have a breakfast three times a day
- W. Somerset Maugham

What about Malaysia then? Breakfast 5 times a a day? ;oD

Raju Restaurant (next to La Salle Secondary School)
Jalan Chantek 5/13
Off Jalan Gasing
Petaling Jaya


J said...

Could be that the thosai is betraying his kind in a desperate attempt to convince his captors to let him live?
(Haha... Anyway, I've always found the whole "mascot of the food trying to convince you to eat his kind a la the Ribena Berries/ that KFC chicken" INCREDIBLY disturbing...)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

shud b 6 a day, thats wat they all recommend nowadays dont they? 6 tiny meals..

foodbin said...

one of my fav place for a quick bite and they never disappoint.

Hazza said...

This place brings back memories of my schooldays - I went to LSPJ. But your pics show it looks more like a street market than just a humble shop as it was then.

choi yen said...

i love friendly staff, pleasant dining ~~

Unknown said...

Somehow the pile of rice vanishes - more helpings ! Food is quite alright but I would like them to take orders of meat etc instead of bringing them around - at least it'll be hot off the pots. I suppose it's cepat service.

J2Kfm said...

SIT at your own RISK? Hahahah ... for whatever reason? The Thosai flying on top of one's head?

wmw said...

J : Oh yah...Ribena Berries! Hahaha...

Joe : Breakfast wor? 6 tiny meals a day okay, but 6 rounds of breakfast? hehehe...

foodbin : Yes, a fave spot for many :o)

Hazza : Did you drop by this place when you came back?

mimid3vils : If you come at peak hours, service here would be lacking.

Keats : I guess they carry the tray around during peak hours, yeah, for cepat service.

J2Kfm : Maybe it's the branches or worse tree toppling onto us? Hahaha...

cfm said...

raju's! omg!

one of my all-time fav. hang out spots with my cousins. i spent a lot of school holidays in sec. 5 PJ.

i remember that thai buddhist temple as well.

and the ipoh chicken rice shop down the road from raju's. opposite that EPF building.

wmw said...

cfm : Let's hang out there the next time you're back! :o)

Anonymous said...

came across this blog from google.

i dun understand all the compliments here to this raju's.

i have been there 5-6 times, and always they disappoint me. 'they' are the waiter. if you count them, there at least 20 of them. everytime i am there, the outdoor area will have about 15-20 patrons, but it took them half an hour to take down my order. none of them wants to serve and everyone of them seems to be so busy with what-i-dunno. i really give them -10 out of 10 for service. food is soso but the price is slightly steep. i give thumbs up for the curry puffs and the effort to use banana leaves as plates.

will i go there again? no i dun think so, i did not pay extra to get shite service. i am not expecting super service but raju's just hired 20 donkeys to do men's job. i mean headless donkeys. yes, it is that bad.