Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charismatic Canada! Part Four

It's the weekend (and it's almost gone!)...time for Charismatic Canada photos ...

Per Ardua Ad Astra
48 ft. bronze and marble monument at University Avenue (south of Dundas Street).
"In Memory Of Our Canadian Airmen Who Fought In The Skies
To Preserve Freedom And Order In This World"

Prince of Wales Hotel
The lovely Prince of Wales Hotel at Niagara On The Lake

So Hip It Hurts

Art Gallery Of Ontario
Artsy! - The Art Gallery Of Ontario.  Designed by Frank Gehry (check out his other "art" HERE...really awe inspiring works), famous Canadian American Pritzker Prize winning architect who is also the man behind the Guggenheim Museum in Spain and Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles to name a few.  However, he has his fair share of detractors, not just admirers of his work.  Read more about his bio and works HERE.

Art Gallery of Ontario - 2008 addition
This blue building was added to the Art Gallery Of Ontario in 2008...check out another angle of this building!

Art Gallery of Ontario - 2008 addition
Some love it, some hate it. I love it looks like a staircase and windows in the sky.

Art Gallery of Ontario - 2008 addition
Amazing, isn't it?

Toronto @ Night 
Toronto Night Scene
Straight road!

Goodnight Toronto!
City Hall
Toronto City Hall
Goodnight Toronto!

To be continued ....Hotdogs for breakfast!


Small Kucing said...

wow...and they have the largest bookstore there also right?

uncle lee said...

Hi, love the pics. Great shots of the city I love.
Place by the shining waters.
You have fun and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards.

wmw said...

Small Kucing : Hmm...dunno about the bookstore, but the bookstore I was in was rather big.

Uncle Lee : Thanks for the compliment! Come back and see the rest of my Canada posts.