Monday, January 09, 2012

Feasting With Friends @ The Han Room, The Gardens Mid Valley


JK, an old childhood friend of mine since primary school days has always enjoyed good food and we have enjoyed sharing many food experiences through the years we have known each other.  We would be the ones walking over to Sakura in Jalan Imbi (back in the late 70s and early 80s) and ordering the Nasi Lemak for take away where the two of us would be tucking away in our school canteen.  I remember, back then the famous Nasi Lemak (now being served in Madam Kwan's - Sakura's still around but their nasi lemak has never been the same since Madam started dishing out on her own, haha...) was just about RM4.50 or so, it was a luxury at that time and one that we would indulge in ever so often.  Yes, those were the days where we would sign autograph books with each school year ending. Remember, those silly things we use to write ? Silly, but since we were so young, we probably thought they were quite poignant! LOL ...

"Drink hot coffee, drink hot tea
Burn your lips and remember me"

"Me no study, me no care
Me go marry a millionaire
If he dies, me no cry
Me go marry another guy"

Our friendship has withstood the test of time; the ups and downs but here we are, still enjoying ourselves when it comes to food.  Nothing much has changed with JK and her love for good food. 30 odd years down the line, we are still sharing that love for good food. This post of the wonderful feast we had at The Han Room is dedicated to you JK, my old friend ...

Thank you!

Siew Yoke - Roast Pork
The lovely three layer siew yoke (Roast Pork)

Paku vegetable in Spicy Sauce
The addictive Paku Vegetable in Spicy Sauce

Three Treasures
Three Treasures :-

Baked Scallop
Treasure No. 1 - Baked Scallop
Crispy Cod Fish Roll with chicken floss
Treasure No. 2 - Crispy Cod Fish Roll with Chicken Floss
Lobster Thai Style
Treasure No. 3 - Lobster Thai style

Golden Crispy Shimeji Mushroom
Golden Crispy Shimeji Mushroom - gotta have my fave mushrooms!

Smoked Potato Roll with Bacon
Smoked Potato Roll with Bacon - delightful bites

Kai Lan 2 ways
Kai Lan 2 ways - I'm more fond of the oilier and tastier deep fried shredded leaves :o)

Seafood Tofu
Mini Wok Seafood Tofu - JK's favourite order at most Chinese restaurants and The Han Room's version is packed full of flavours.

Hokkien Mee ...
Hokkien Noodles (good but Reunion's better!)
 and of course with the essential accompaniment
Hokkien Mee Essentials - crispy lard
Crispy Lard!!! 

Chilled Layered Herbal Jelly with Mango Pudding
Chilled Layered Herbal Jelly with Mango Pudding ... lovely but what was even better ?

Durian Pudding
Durian Pudding! Looking like a mini boiling pot of mumbo jumbo cauldron (though it's not metal!) from the dry ice effect, there was nothing confusing about the durian pudding that had just the right texture with rich yet not over the top goodness.

Three Colour Combo Juice
As the finale - Three Colour Combo Juice for a festive feel.  A mix of juices of two combos, my least favourite was the green cos it was a mix of vegetables! Mom never made me finish my vegetables but let's not blame her ... hahaha...

Cheers! Here's to friendship ...

                                             F riendship
                                             R emains
                                             A nd
                                             N ever
                                             C an
                                             E nd ..........

The Han Room
Lot G243, 246 & 247
Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Mon-Fri : 11 am - 11pm
Sat, Sun and Public Hols : 10.30am - 11pm
Tel : 603-2284 8833


Anonymous said...

Wow! The food decoration and your good shots of the dishes are so awesome! Must be pricey, eh?

Anonymous said...

And oh, the spoons of the three treasures remind me of chunky shoes sans heels. :))

wmw said...

Wonda : Yes, you get what you give (pay?), hahah...Happy Chinese New Year!