Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Off The Beaten Track, Gerai Makan & Minum Kampung - Bukit Tinggi, Bentong

The month of June was a time of mini trips for me; I had the opportunity to go on a day trip to Bentong.  I tagged along with some friends (thanks to RB! xxx) and had a wonderful time albeit it was a short trip.

Packed into a van, we started our journey towards a place that I have long not visited.  Having absolutely no sense of direction, I asked no questions as to where our first stop would be but to let our distinguish host take us to where ever he wanted as he has been travelling through this route countless times.... I was relieved to know that we would be stopping for lunch first as I was famished at that time as we had started our journey pass noon and only arrived for late lunch.


Let me digress a bit here ... Take a walk around the vicinity and you'll find a fenced up area with a guard dog on duty.  Guarding what? Organic avocados! I've not seen one as green and big as the ones here.  Okay...back to the food...

I had done a quick search on the internet and the other flogger who has been to this place is PerutBesi.  Click HERE to read her post which also has directions to this simple and delightful Gerai Makan & Minum Kampung in Bukit Tinggi, Bentong.  As it was already quite late, we practically had the whole place to ourselves ... I just loved the place, it's full of character; the small town simplicity, the aged decoration/memorabilia adorning the walls and the feel of warm hospitality from the family who runs the restaurant.





We left the ordering to our host and soon we had three dishes on our table.  We had a vegetable dish but I didn't take a pic of it, we were all hungry and I had to take a quick pic of the dishes hence the focus is off :o) ...
Kampung chicken, but of course!

The surprise of the day ... delicious braised yee mee with big prawns!  The prawns were fresh and succulent! Note : Eaten with green pickled chillies





I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here, maybe the place itself added to the enjoyment of the meal. But you know what they say..."Different strokes for different folks!"  Thanks again to RB and her uncle!

Have a great week ahead!

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Ciki said...

one of our fav locations for food. nice shots!