Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ahhh ... Desserts @ 32°f, Waterpark

Walking around Waterpark at Desa ParkCity is usually a fun filled outing for me as that would usually mean that I'm not just going for a walk but walking with my friends who has brought along their dogs too.  The park is pet friendly and there are lots of furry friends running around.  I always look forward to making a trip here as not only I get some exercise and get to watch dogs on "parade" but what comes after the exercise :o).  I would usually head over to 32°f for some desserts to cool down. They have an assorted range of flavoured shaved ice and drinks that would surely appeal to one who loves desserts (as much as the dogs in the park!).

Yogurt Shaved Ice with Fresh Strawberries
Here's Milk with Fresh Strawberries! They have other flavours like Passion Fruit (this one I like too!), Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea and more to choose from.

Since I love milk, I also love ordering their Malt drink ... a milky based drink with scoops of  cereals that reminds me of Nestum, something that I use to love eating with condensed milk when I was a kid.

Malt Drink
Needless to say I ♥ this drink.... and of course I ♥ 32°f ! 

They are having a special promo during the month of November; drop by their Facebook page, click HERE and print the coupon for a free Pearl Milk Tea when you buy any Maxi size of a shave ice treat. So when you're done with your exercise (and since you did exercise, you can indulge a bit), drop by 32°f and get yourself a treat!  

Lot No. GF26A Waterfront
Desa ParkCity
No. 5, Persiaran Residen Desa Parkcity
52200 Kuala Lumpur

Opens 1pm-10pm Mon-Fri and 12pm-10.30pm on Sat & Sun

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