Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Famous and Tasty Chicken Rice @ Restoran Yit Hin, Port Dickson

Life has been great and after having spent about 7 weeks in US, I have been busy catching up on Malaysian life.  Monkey Jr had just asked me the other day, to update my blog which prompted me to well, put up a post indeed; a food post.

Yit Hin Chicken Rice

I had taken a few short trips to Port Dickson with Moo on errand runs, simply to accompany Moo and Moo's promise to bring me around for food! Hahahaha...  Our first stop in Port Dickson town usually is Restoran Yit Hin.  It is a little stall located at a hawker center which used to be the Old Pasar, a wet market. Why is this usually our first stop? That's because demand exceeds supply daily and the chicken rice is usually sold out sometimes at lunch time itself.  I remember there was once the four of us had to share two plates of chicken rice as they were running out and this was around 1 plus pm.  So, what makes it so good?

Yit Hin Chicken Rice
Yit Hin Chicken Rice
Is it the way they lovingly and happily prepare the food?

Yit Hin Chicken Rice
Is it the secret sauce drizzled onto the chicken?
Is is the fragrant rice that is done just right?
Is it the corn fed chicken that makes the meat so tender?

Yit Hin Chicken Rice

Is it the lovely spicy chilli sauce concoction of theirs that kicks everything about the chicken rice up a notch?

Yit Hin Chicken Rice
Is this indeed the best chicken rice in Port Dickson, some say Malaysia?


To seek these answers yourselves, drop by Yit Hin.  Just don't go on a Monday, they are close.  Don't go after 2pm, chances are slim and these questions will still probably go unanswered as they might have finished the chicken rice orders for the day.  But please, by all means...JUST GO!

Restoran Yit Hin
Jalan Pasar
71000 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan

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Ai Wei said...

ohhh, wonder where exactly is jln pasar port dickson. must check out after my oncalls!