Monday, January 09, 2017

Travel Post - Sau Restaurant @ An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam - Part 13

It's a brand new year and I'm still here, blogging (trying to blog).  Let's continue with my Hoi An trip back in 2016! Hahaha...

Though we had arrived in Da Nang, we had gone straight to Hoi An as we were told that there were more things to do and see in Hoi An.  Thinking that we would give the beach in Da Nang a miss, we arrived in Hoi An and found out that there is actually a beach here too.  Since our lovely hotel, Royal Riverside Hotel (more on this hotel in another post) provided free shuttle bus rides to An Bang Beach, we made it a point to drop by the beach and have lunch there.

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

It was a breezy afternoon albeit a sunny one.  I like An Bang Beach...relatively clean and with lots of lounge chairs and huts to sit at with certain terms and condition that you get drinks or food from the food and beverage operators located up on the slope.  We had a plan..grab lunch at one of the many restaurants and then have drinks on the clean sandy beach after.  Trouble was,,,,which? After walking up and down the row of restaurants, we decided on Sau Restaurant.  We sat ourselves at one of the tables facing the beach front.  It was shaded and coupled with the cool breeze, we sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the food.

Sau Restaurant

Sau Restaurant

Sau Restaurant

The clams, prawns and squid were all fresh and of the three, I absolutely loved the grilled squid.  It was cooked spot on and was one of the most aromatic and tasty grilled squid I have eaten.  
Or maybe...maybe it was just the lovely beach surroundings and strong cool breeze that gave this meal an added oomph which we really enjoyed.

An Bang Beach

Whatever it was, I was pleasantly surprised by the food and An Bang Beach.  Later, with drinks on the beach itself, I drifted off to sleep to the sound of the waves and woke up only because it was time to catch the ride back to our hotel.

Ahhhhh...such bliss!

To Be Continued ...


KY said...

That clam dish looks absolutely inviting.

wmw said...

Real fresh! Hoi An is such an enjoyable place with great food at reasonable prices!