Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Boathouse, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Wow! This is my 200th post! Another century! Little did I know that I would make it this far when I started back in February last year. Here's to another hundred! Anyway, I was too busy staring at Daniel Henney and took some extra time to compose myself before I blogged. Ha ha ha....Well, back to yummylicious food!
Boathouse's non smoking section. Check out the green board when you are there, food promotion and chef recommendations are written on it.

I have eaten at Boathouse at Lorong Rahim Kajai, TTDI a few times. The previous name of the restaurant was "Sampan" (boat in Malay) but when the new owners took over, they decided to give it a more upmarket name, hence Boathouse.

I find the food there good and service excellent. I recalled that on my first visit there, we arrived late and called the staff over to order an appetizer but was told the kitchen had just closed (at 10.30 but the place stays open for drinks till 12 midnight). About 10 minutes later, very much to our surprise, the chef, came and delivered the appetizer that we had asked for earlier. Such personal service. I like the cosy atmosphere there too.

For the appetizers, we have only tried a few and they were lovely! Here are some of my favourites. Needless to say, we keep ordering these few each time we are there. We should be more adventurous and try the rest on the menu when we next go there. I took these photos over several trips and have forgotten some of the names of the dishes :p Quite a number of photos, do be patient while waiting for it to load.
Cempedak Chicken - those who love cempedak must try this, it has bits of chicken inside. It's usually sold out fast! Grilled Portobello Mushroom
Enoki Beef

For mains, they have a range of Asian and Western food and quite a variety to choose from. Again, those that we have tried were good, and if you love cheese you have got to order this dish.
KCC ordered Baked Seafood Platter
Euro's no cheese version - Seafood Platter
Eggy said this Grilled Tenderloin was good while JC said it was REALLY good!
My order of lamb - absolutely wonderful. It was really a joy to eat as it was boneless. Ha ha.. I chose sweet sauce over the savoury one.

For pasta, we can choose the type of pasta, the method and the topping to go with it. So, almost any combination goes! We tried the pasta but most of us preferred the aglio olio style (garlic and oil).
Aglio Olio Mushroom
Aglio Olio Duck Confit with Sundried Tomatoes
There's normal noodles too, the Drunken Prawn Claypot Noodles is good!

As for desserts , the Tiramisu is nice and as for the Chocolate Fondue...it's "laced" with alcohol. Ha ha ha...Dip the strawberries and mini marshmallows right in to get the "whole" works! Have a try. This has become one of our fave restaurants to dine in! Call 03-77274426 if you need directions to Boathouse.

My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.
~ Henny Youngman


Anonymous said...

when are you going to open a cafe so i can come and hang?

wmw said...

Huh? I prefer to eat than cook woh! You come and hang out? Aiyoh, you're so far away, how to hang out lah!

Anonymous said...

I hope all those dishes were not ordered during one visit .. quite a lot of food!! all looked delicious.. you have to bring us there next time. I am keen on the cempedak with chicken-strange combo but worth a try, huh?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Come on...show me some yummylicious Korean soup stars...or Japanese ones...LOL.

wmw said...

Mrs Pitt: Obviously you didn't really read the post. If you look at the photos, you would have read that I wrote the names of the people who ordered the dish! \

RM : Wah, you still having that Korean/Japanese soup star fever. For now, make do with noodle soup, okay? Ha ha ha.....Read my previous post on Yutaka and Daniel, there are a few of them.

JB MOMMY said...

wah thanks for posting all these nice foodie pictures n handsome guy pictures. really make my day. when i am bored or :( , i visit your blog n waa la... (even no money to eat those food u are eating....) still feel good n happy (coz can imagine how u will be eagerly enjoying those meals n snapping photos). cheers!!

wmw said...

Am glad that this blog makes your day! ;o)

MeiyeN said...

goodness, what a feast!!!!!! da appetizers all look good....will drop by this place some day...thanks for da recommendation! :D

backStreetGluttons said...

Congratulations on yr 200th post !

Big achievement, means u have consumed nearly 2 tons of yummilicious food ? and many more tons of joy ?

Hopefully yr 201st post can be about an Xquisite eyepopping irresistible sexy beauty on da corresponding scale as for that Daniel fella ? Then u will do us guys all a big favour and u will be rewarded with an Xtra 2 or 3 specially prepared exotic drinks !

HaHaHa HA !

wmw said...

Meiyen : Hope you will enjoy the food.

tonixe : Thanks! Ha ha...you can always blog about YOUR beauties on your blog. Mine will be for the gals!

Mrs. Al said...

nice pics...actually this restaurant halal or not?..is it suitable for muslim ..tq

wmw said...

Al-Scheira : It's Pork-Free, not halal. This place serves alcohol too.