Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cha-Cha Pan Mee Original @ Aman Suria Petaling Jaya

It used to be just a stall in Taman Mayang dishing out tasty Pan Mee (Flat Flour Noodles) and as Euro was telling me, she was sad when she went to the usual coffeeshop and found that they were no longer there.

However, I brought a smile back to Euro's face when I brought her to Cha-Cha Pan Mee Restaurant in Aman Suria as it turned out that she can still get to eat her favourite Pan Mee. As for myself, I have to thank my ex VHC aka Tiger for bringing me here.

Cha Cha Pan Mee

They have just shifted to the new and bigger location about 3 months ago and looks like the news has already gotten round to their regulars. You see the staff greeting the customers in a way you know that they are regular patrons :o). This place is usually packed during peak hours but the wait for your order is bearable...I think 15 minutes at most. Pan Mee here is available is several varieties - Dry, Soup, Curry to name some of them but my favourite has got to be the Original Cha-Cha Pan Mee Soup (I've been ordering that without fail each time I'm here!).

Smooth Pan Mee
At RM4.50 for a small bowl (which is rather large actually), there's an increase of RM0.50 which is reasonable I find since the place is air-conditioned as compared to the previous operation. Now, what I find good about Cha-Cha Original Pan Mee is that the noodles are smooth and thin (would have prefer it to be a tad thicker for even more oomph) but what I love the most is the soup! The soup is super yummy - not as in MSG yummy but the sweetness from the sweet beans that is used for the soup base, so good that I will normally drink it up to the very last drop! As for the other ingredients, there are some minced pork, pork ball, mushrooms, foo chuk (beancurd sheet), sweet potato leaves and my fave of all the toppings - bits of crispy lard!

The other crispy thing that I like munching on too is this : -

Crunchy Anchovies
Crispy anchovies that are served on the side rather than submerged in the soupy bowl of noodles. Best eaten with noodles though as it's salty on its own. You can ask for more if you want to. Too bad their chilli sauce is just average though, or they would have totally nailed it!

Pineapple Juice with Honey
With the heatwave that we have been experiencing....this Pineapple Juice with honey (RM3.50) was simply heavenly and thirst quenching. Gosh....this weather is almost killing me!

Pardon me....but I'm off to cool myself down now. As JC said, North Pole anyone???

Restoran Cha-Cha Pan Mee Original
K-G-1 & K-G-3, Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria
47301 Petaling Jaya

They are opened for breakfast from 7.30 am till 4pm and dinner from 5.30 - 9pm daily (closed on alternate Wednesdays). Nasi Lemak and Economy Noodles are sold in the morning till afternoon with the usual side dishes. Fried pan mee, fried rice and certain specialties that changes daily are available during dinner time I was told.

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HairyBerry said...

i like my pan mee thin, actually..hehehehe...the name is quite interesting. like that dance liddat. or do they really serve the dishes while going the cha-cha ar? hehehehehe...

Anonymous said...

Wah...makes me hungry even I've just finished breakfast! Don't play,'re a terrific photographer - your shots are fab! Have a great day ahead, :).

foodbin said...

this pan mee looks good, i like it paper thin like in a Berkeley garden shop.

worldwindows said...

Like the lard and the non-MSG soup parts.

Rebecca Saw said...

yea, agree w Nic - chacha catchy.. ;p
hv u tried super kitchen chilli pan at Dataran sunway? mayb the chilli there u'll like...

Ciki said...

i like the fact that the anchovies are served on the side! how many times have i lamented to cumi that my anch. were soggy! nice find :)

choi yen said...

I prefer my pan mee thicker, like the flour-ly taste :)

Precious Pea said...

So this is the place you gonna bring me eat before our karaoke session? Can I book you for May 19?? That would be the first day of my officially unemployed status!!! Hahahah!

minchow said...

Love hand-torn pan mee, can have it any time of the day! And I'd order extra extra anchovies to munch on the side... oh my I need my fix right now!

allie said...

It's hardly to get a good bowl of pan mee in Penang. i wish I'm at KL lor... I'm a die hard fan for pan mee!

wmw said...

Nic : You linked it with the dance, I link it with the crispy lard! :o)

James : Thanks for the compliment!

foodbin: Ooooh....haven't tried Berkeley's. You're from Klang?

worldwindows : Yeah, yum yum!

theNomadGourmand : I've tried Super Kitchen Chilli Pan's where I go to for chilli pan mee if I'm thinking about it and can't go downtown to Kin Kin :o).

Cumi&Ciki : Yeah, I like that too...much more enjoyable!

mimid3vils : Uh huh, something like the one in Segambut?

jason said...

I wanna go too!

ling239 said...

lately there had been so many pan mee shop popping up leh ~ ^_^

wmw said...

Precious P : May 19, reserved for you! Hahaha...

550 ml jar of faith : Funny how some flat flour noodles can bring about such comfort! We love 'em!

Allie : Come to KL more often? Meanwhile, feast yourself on all the other lovely food in Penang....which I love too!

Jason : Go...go...go with me?

Ling239 : Yes, like all the HK char chan teng :o)

Xiang said...

yeah their pan mee is really good, I've been eating it at mayang for the past 6-7 years(every weekend, and whenever i get the chance to on weekdays) until they shifted to aman suria recently. guess i'm a regular? pretty amazing how i can be so loyal to a bowl 'flat flour noodles' though

Xiang said...

oh and you forgot to mention that the portion is smaller now, used to be able to eat 2 big bowls when i'm really hungry, i can probably eat 3 now...

Anonymous said...

WOOW! ... this place is good! yummm! Reasonable priced with air-cond! And after eating we went up to a boutique, ha! just next to cha cha!..

it's called

interesting as it is, the clothes are marvellous too!

shopper basketee said...

oh yes yes! ... we have been to pinkbox boutique too!

great selections with great taste ...

after cha cha, a good place to hang around and shop too

i think they have a web site too, it is called

shopper basketee said...

ooh before i forgot, it is the pink shop at first floor, just next to cha cha. (refer to the picture taken)

great! at last i found a good place to eat and shop

shopper basketee