Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CNY Waistline Damage ... Thus Far

With all the gatherings with friends ... over food and more food during this Chinese New Year period, our waistlines are increasing at an alarming rate.  Who or what is responsible for such a deed?  So it seems that we have been dining out at restaurants and eating all the "auspicious" food that has indeed brought us such "prosperity". Thankfully, it hasn't always been elaborate meals and in between the onslaught of abundance calories, we had some reprieve in some simple and yet delicious meals.  I shall now end my short post with pictorial evidence of such meals that we had shared with much laughter, love and joy!

Popiah skin
Popiah (Spring Roll) skin

"Lettuce" eat! Can't help myself.... :o)

Chilli sauce and sweet sauce
Chilli and sweet sauce....

Spring Roll "Popiah" ingredients
and the other essential stuff needed for popiah!

Chai Choy - Vegetarian Dish
I love Chai Choy - vegetarian goodness! Yumz ...

Siew Yoke - Roast Pork
and the not "so" vegetarian and calories laden siew yoke - roast pork. Hahaha....

Some of the ingredients for our garden steamboat ...


The End .... or is it? (More meals to come ...)

Any food for me?
Any food for me???


J said...

Doggie! <3 <3 <3
(So cute! So did he get to enjoy any of the new year goodies too?)

ilene said...

Me too - I have over indulged!!

Kok said...

Burp! See liao also full! Burp! Too much food!

jason said...

Eat first think later!

wmw said...

J : That's Bobby...Not that meal but he definitely had some goodies.

Ilene : Need to pull hand brake or not? Hahaha....

Kok : Hahaha...Ya lo...Need to exercise!

Jason : Where's Teckiee? :o)