Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sitiawan's Hock Chiew Peah, Kong Peah, Gong Pian ?


Call it however you want.  According to Andrine, I have to try them when I'm in's a must!  So what do we do? Try to get our hands on some during our short trip there.  Asking around, our host manage to get his friend to take me to a biscuit shop that he usually goes to...but as usual for most places in Sitiawan, no address! - except that the name of the place is Cheng Li Biscuit Shop (tried Googling and couldn't find any info!)

Kong Peah waiting to be baked
Kong Peah dough with filling - flattened and waiting to be baked

Press machine
Kong Peah Press Machine

Into the clay oven
Fast action - into the clay oven it goes ...

Kong Peah
All baked! I just loved the generous sesame seeds ... but I suppose one shouldn't eat this if you're with your boyfriend.  Sesame seeds are rather unsightly in between our teeth! Hahaha....

Kong Peah
Your choice : Char Siew Pork or onion bits (bottom) sold at RM1.20 and RM1 respectively (not sure if the price has gone up by now) ...I somehow prefer the onion variety though it's void of sesame seeds.  Both pastry had the same smokey flavour.  Biting into them brought such a delight - breaking through the first crispy layer of the pastry and then landing on the sweet fragrant filling.  I'm glad I got to taste them ... not sure if Cheng Li's Kong Peah meets Andrine's standard but no complains from me!


meichi said...

tried this once when im visitin sitiawan...n i love it so too bad...i tink v can oni get kong piang in sitiawan...

Jason said...

Looks very good. Wonder if I can ask my sitiawan friend to buy some back or not

wmw said...

meichi : I guess's like a flattened siew pau! but I like the onion ones.

Jason : Buy!