Friday, August 19, 2011

Herbal Roasted Duck @ My Way Roasted Delight, Klang

I usually go to I-Po in Klang whenever I want to sink my teeth into a good roast duck and have been recommending I-Po whenever anyone asked where they can find such "poultry" in motion!

My Way Roasted Delight
According to my Klang source, there's a new place in Klang that can give I-Po a run for their money, if not, even better than I-Po.  Upon hearing this, I just couldn't wait to try it.  So, there it was...about 5 minutes away from I-Po itself, I was brought to this shoplot called My Way Roasted Delight.  The Malay words though specifically says "Kedai Makanan Nasi Itik", highlighting just the duck rather than the more vague words of Roasted Delight (with the usual types of other BBQ meats available).

You won't find a row of ducks hanging at the stall area.  It takes about 10 minutes after an order has been made before you'll see the staff carrying out a roast duck from the back of the shop.  Then you'll be able to see Eugene Lim skillfully deboning the roast duck.

Such skills!
I might not have noticed all these while during my duck meals but this was a first for me....with a few swift movements of the cleaver in hand, the whole back bone was removed in one piece!
Click on "Read More" to see the drool inducing pic of the herbal roasted duck!
Herbal Roast Duck
*Pics taken with HTC Sensation
Turns out that this is not a plain roasted duck but a herbal roasted duck.  The RM45 duck was rather big (definitely bigger than I-Po, the pic above is only half of the duck, we had the whole duck served in two plates).  The duck's skin was crisp and fragrant while the meat was devoid of any gamey smell.  Served with small plates of light herbal gravy on the side, this duck was indeed scrumptious! The gravy added a plus factor to the already tasty roast duck as the gravy was flavourful with spot on herbs and spices though it was light in consistency.

It's different from I-Po's style, with I-Po serving up a yummylicious hot oil bathed roasted duck while My Way also scores with a herbal variety.  I enjoy both styles but now I think I will be in a food dilemma whenever I come to Klang for my roast duck fix ... Which do I go for? I guess I will alternate this two places.  I suppose this is one good dilemma to have...Klang's looking even better now!

My Way Roasted Delight
32 Jalan Bayu Tinggi 2A/KS6
Batu Unjur,
41200 Kalng

Eugene Lim
Opens at 8 am till around 3pm
Close on alternate Wednesdays

Eugene is still tweaking the operation, if you're heading there purposely for the scrumptious herbal roast duck, do call ahead just to be sure and check to ensure you don't travel all the way there, only to find the shutters down.


Unknown said...

I normally go to I-po also. I must try this herbal roasted duck @ My way. Look soooo delicious.

meichi said...

so near to my place...go to bring my sis der...she love duck... ^^...herbal roasted sumo...healthier

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

it was just the other day i was looking at the price of taking away a whole roast duck and it was AUD33!!! gosh that buys me 2 ducks in

jason said...

Glistening skin!

ilene said...'re so clever in finding good makan places!

Eh...give some landmarks. (what shops are next to this) I also want to check it out. ;)

choi yen said...

I want that crispy skin :P

wmw said...

cynmaine's mum : Let me know what you think of "My Way"

Meichi : Try it, I'm sure you will like it...your sis too!

Joe : Hi Joe! Come back and eat roast ducks in Klang!

Jason : Yummy, ask Nivlac to bring you...or we go together!

Ilene : Hahah...fuyoh, somemore! Bring me along...that will surely make it easier to look for the place, hahaha...

Choi Yen : Go Klang! :o)