Monday, August 08, 2011

Ice Bowl - Original Taiwanese Desserts @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

There's another new "dessert" kid in town - desserts being the latest food fad for now.  Ice Bowl in SS2 has turned this row of shop houses into an even more enticing area.

Ice Bowl, SS2

Entering this less than a week old premise, you get the "Snowflake" outlet feel. Much has been written about Snowflake, so much so, though I have eaten at the outlet in Kota Damansara often - I didn't feel the need to add on to all the accolades this dessert was already getting. From what I can see, the menu at Ice Bowl and Snowflake are almost identical (well, not on).  So, one can't help but to compare Ice Bowl's line up with Snowflake's.  We all know how packed Snowflake can get.  Ice Bowl was packed too and just as noisy but not overspilling at the the order counter (like Snowflake's) when I was there.  Just about two customers lining up each time I checked while I was eating there.  They have the same modus operandi : Order and pay at the counter, take your "beeper" and wait till the initial dormant beeper goes into "techno" mode. Collect your desserts at the pick up counter.


So, we ordered the Grass Jelly series - Set A (RM6.50) which comprise of Taro, Red Bean, Pearl & Grass Jelly (of course).  It was a generous amount of toppings burying the shaved ice beneath.

Grass Jelly Series


The red beans were firmer but still soft. Taste wise, it was similar.   So similar that one could say that there was no difference but for one detail.  What we noticed is that Ice Bowl's creamer is definitely thicker and thus gave a richer taste to the overall dessert.  So for me,  Ice Bowl's serving fares better.  Great for me, as this outlet is not only nearer to where I stay but also pleases my taste buds better as compared to Snowflake.

Now, I don't think that Snowflake has this but check this out - Ice Bowl Home made Special Brown Sugar with Shaved Ice (RM6.90) that comes with 4 toppings that we can choose from a wide variety of 14 different types.  Count 'em all : Red Bean, Green Bean, Kidney Bean, Peanuts, Barley, Black Glutinous Rice, Lotus Seed, Pearl, Taro, Taro Balls, Sweet Potato Grass Jelly, Pineapple and this one that was the factor that COMPELLED me to order it ... Caramel Egg Pudding!

Ice Bowl Home made special brown sugar

The Caramel Egg Pudding was silky smooth firm and tasted okay, which wasn't really the highlight of this dessert as I thought it would was actually the home made brown sugar.  The brown sugar made this shaved ice dessert sweeter than I would like it to be.  However, the more I dug in, the more I got accustomed to the sweetness and this was when the fragrance of the brown sugar stood out. It was lovely ... so, I'll probably ask for a tad less brown sugar the next time I'm here.  However, that's also the reason why this dessert tastes good; the brown sugar.

Well, no more going to Kota Damansara for me.  I'm looking forward to going to Ice Bowl again soon!

Ice Bowl
Jalan SS2/63
(same row as KTZ)
Opens at 1pm till 12 midnight daily
Tel : 03-7874 1088

If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance
- Old Polish Proverb


Nikel Khor said...

Look good.. Gona try it soon

Ciki said...

wow.. am not sure is something should look healthy yet decadant at the same time! haha:P

jason said...

Yay, nearer to us too!

Eat Only Lar! said...

Nice discovery! I love Snowflake a lot, and if this is better, or something similar, I'll definitely give it a try! Miss Taiwanese desserts so much!

choi yen said...

I should belong to this lace because I love brown sugar, no more SF for me ^_*

Anonymous said...

hi... thanks for sharing... do u have thier contact number?

Angela said...

I went to taste it. Very good. And they hv something special dessert like Dessert mixed with safe-egg yolk. Very nice. i heard they hv thier own Taiwanese Chef.

Tony said...

Tasted it, love it !! Went twice in 1 night. Tried all but 3. Will be there again tonight...Thumbs up !!
Snowflake who ??

Kathy said...

we went tasted it, the taste is quite good, not overly sweet....I also like it ^^

wmw said...

Nikel : Hope you like it like I do!

Cumi&Ciki:That's what great about it, hahaha....

Jason : Betul! When?

Eat Only Lar : Eh, where are you now?

Choi Yen : Remember, if you can ask them to put less brown sugar if you don't want it to be that sweet.

Anonymous : I got it for you today : 0378741088

Angela: I tried it, like it too.

Tony : Great to know that you like Ice Bowl too.

Kathy : Good, I'm planning to try out the different varieties there.

email2me said...

Lately Snowflakes give a sorry ass portion which 30% less ice. This shall be a good choice to rival with them.

wmw said...

email2me: Try Ice Bowl and see if it does. Remember to try the Moonlight special dessert - the one with the egg yolk.

Alicia Leong said...

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